Saturday, January 18, 2014

Can I Call It as “Love”?

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Dear my online diary,

I don’t know why but these days I thought more about “love”.  No, it’s not because I’m falling in love or even broken heart with someone. It’s only because I just got a deep feeling, but I really don’t know whether I can call it as love or not.
Honestly, I still can’t understand what love is. If I’m asking you to spell “love”, will you really spell “L-O-V-E”? Or will you say that love is only a verb? Or will you say that love is a feeling toward something or someone you like most? I guess most of you will say that we can’t spell love, we just can feel it. Am I right?
Well, actually I don’t need to know what the spelling of love is or even the real definition of love. What I want to know are, how can you get that feeling? Is it really come for no reason and can go whenever it wants to? If you answer the last question with “yes, exactly”, then it’ll be closer to me to understand what love is.

For more than two years, I’ve been joining some campus organizations and from all of those organizations, only one organization that always make me wonder if I can call a feeling that I got from this organization as love or not because I never know how can I get these random feelings and also I never can explain my feelings toward this organization clearly.

If you’re asking me whether I really like this organization or not, I’ll answer not really yet I can’t never forget all of my experiences there and even whenever I’m trying hard to escape and how hard it is, it’ll always reasons for me to come back to this organization. I fully realize that all of the jobs I had from this organization are not simple and easy jobs, but even if I can’t do some jobs well and try to forget my responsibility in this organization, still, I’ll come back to give my best effort for completing my jobs with a bunch feelings of regretful. Sometimes, I get bored with it but the other times I miss it so bad. Sometimes, I hate it but the other times I love it so damn much.

Thus, can I call those feelings as love?


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    1. Hai, kamu Indras ya? Haha
      Makasih loh udah mampir di blogku :)

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    1. Jangan salah paham, Zee.
      Ini artikel buat organisasi, bukan buat orang yg ada di dalam organisasi haha