Monday, November 11, 2013

IMUN 2013, My First Addictive MUN!

Talking about MUN or Model United Nations, I remember some people around me who thought that I was going to be a model in a fashion show. Maybe it’s because they saw me wearing dress and wedges that I never wore before and even I put on some make up. When one of them asked me where I was going to go, I said, “I’m going to go to IMUN. It’s my very first MUN”. Trust me, none of them knew what IMUN is, so I explained them that IMUN is an abbreviation from Indonesia-International Model United Nations. However, they still didn’t understand what the exact meaning of Model United Nations itself. They thought that Model United Nations is an event where some models wearing particular clothes to be shown in a fashion show.
It’s totally wrong! No, MUN is not a fashion show. It’s an event of a simulation of United Nations’ conference where the participants act as the delegates from a country which is a member of United Nations’ council while the committees act as the chairpersons of the council. In IMUN 2013, there are 5 United Nations’ councils, which are, World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), Asian-African 1955, UEFA Annual Assembly, ASEAN Regional Forum, and NGO Parallel Summit.
In this MUN, I represented as the delegate of Kyrgyzstan in WHO. This council brought a topic, that is, The Dilemma of Stem Cell Technology. At the very first time, I was confused that my country already implemented the stem cell technology in our medical sector. However, after researching for some days, I could finish my position paper and I thought that I could explain my country stance toward the topic very well.
At first, I thought that it would be just a very formal event, but actually it was very fun and addictive! Before I met with the delegates of WHO, we sent LINE ID to each other by email and even joined a Facebook group created by the chairperson. A day before the conference, I took a registration and had an amazing dinner with all of the WHO’s delegates in D'Cost Seafood Restaurant at D'Mall, Depok. At the end of the dinner, we took some pictures after making our powerful jargon, which is, “We Cure, We Heal, We Care!”
Here is one of the pictures:

A day after the dinner, which is the first day of the conference, we attended the opening ceremony before we went to the Conference Session One and Conference Session Two. The event was situated in the Central Library of University of Indonesia, which is quiet bigger and more spacious than Central Library of my campus hehe
On that day, I had a lot of private notes from other delegates after I spoke in the general speech and stated my opinion toward the motion issued by the council. The delegates who sent private notes to me are the delegate of Cote d’Ivoire, Iraq, USA, Russia, Japan, Iran, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Korea, and many more. Most of them were asking me to make a working paper together and some of them were just want to talk to me during the conference LOL!
Here are 1/3 of the private notes I got during the conference:

On the next day, we had Conference Session Three and Conference Session Four. However, my favorite day is the last day of the conference. On that day, we only had Conference Session Six which was unforgettable because of the long debate among the delegates before we voted for the Draft Resolution. After that, we took some pictures (again) and attended the Closing Ceremony before we had a mask after-party and drinks. Unfortunately, I got nothing to bring home at the closing ceremony, either for the best delegate, outstanding delegate, honorable mention delegate, or even the best position paper. However, I got a lot of fun at the party after the closing ceremony. We were dancing and singing loudly “Stem cell makes you beautiful~”.
These are some pictures of WHO’s delegates took by some friends of mine:

It was really really really really really addictive MUN and I promise to join another MUNs! Gonna miss those friends of mine so bad!

NB: 5 of 6 pictures in this article are owned by a friend of mine ;)

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