Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cross Cultural Understanding (Local) EDSA (ENG)

EDSA (English Department Students Association) is incredible! There’s always cool event held by EDSA. One of them is Cross Cultural Understanding, which was held at the Theatre Room, Faculty of Humanities, on May 14th. In this event, there are members of IKAMALA (Ikatan Mahasiswa Lampung) or Lampung Student Association and IKAMMI (Ikatan Mahasiswa Minang) or Minang Student Association which performing their culture. Cool!
Besides, there’s something different in this event. Yup! Bayu and I were in charge to be the presenter of this event. Honestly, I was really nervous because I never talked in front of many people like this. I even asked Bayu to teach me presenting the show for several times before the show was begun.
This is a picture of Bayu and I when we were on the stage. As you can see, I was really nervous.

Well, back to the event! IKAMALA and IKAMMI members were really amazed me by their great performances! Unfortunately, I did not have time to capture their performances, but I still remember that IKAMALA members performed a traditional dance and song titled "Sang Bumi Ruwai Jurai" and "Cangget Agung" while IKAMMI members were sings "Ayam Den Lapeh" and "Kampuang Nan Jauh di Mato" with guitar. Truly awesome!

At last, this cool event wouldn’t be held without these cool committees hehe

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