Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mriyan Wetan, Kundisari, Kedu, Temanggung, Indonesia - September 3, 2014

Today is our last day of KKN, but it’s absolutely not the last day of our meeting.
Yesterday, we held a religious event called pengajian at our homestay and we invited all residents of the village of our homestay.

We made a gift for our hosts…

And hopefully they like it J

We also gave some people a gift…

Asked some people to take photos with us…

Even asked our last wish to some people…

And the most important thing is…….. taking some selfie! Haha

The feeling of sadness was terribly filling my heart, and perhaps all of my friends’. We took so many photos and stayed up late to tell our true feeling toward each other.

Ah, if only you guys know that even I still feel so sad up to now!!!
So many moments and memories that we got through together. So many places we have been visited. So many stories and feelings left untold.
Oh guys, I promise I will never forget all of you. We totally met as strangers and left as family. Don’t never forget what we had done together, guys! I love you all guys sooooo bad!!!!!

Note: I wear hijab on most of those photos anyway. What do you think? Haha

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