Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy 21st Birthday, Rodhiyah!

Rodhiyah is a friend of mine whom I met at LPM Manunggal, a journalistic organization of Diponegoro University. She is a Marine Science student who become a Distribution and Production Manager of LPM Manunggal. Even if she looks like a grumpy girl, but she is actually a kind-hearted girl. So, don't judge people easily!

Well, it's nice to see you turn to 21, our birthday girl!
Hope we could be friends forever.
Once again, all members of LPM Manunggal wish you a very happy 21st birthday, Rodhiyah!
We really really really love you! <3

Haqqi and Rodhiyah
Fikri and Rodhiyah
Iqbal and Rodhiyah
Mizan and Rodhiyah
Vina and Rodhiyah
Rodhiyah and Dila
Rachmat and Rodhiyah
Dewi and Rodhiyah

Zulfa and Rodhiyah
Rodhiyah and Gina
Rodhiyah and Lala
Fathur and Rodhiyah
Rodhiyah and Shela
Irzal and Rodhiyah
Rodhiyah and Fuad
Rodhiyah and Najah
Rodhiyah and Febi
Rifqi and Rodhiyah
Rodhiyah and I
Kalista and Rodhiyah

Rodhiyah and Regita

Rodhiyah and Anis
Selli and Rodhiyah

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