Thursday, June 19, 2014

Have We Pray for Others?

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A friend of mine once said to me, “I do believe in God, but I don’t belong to any religions. And you know, sometimes I wonder if religious people pray only for themselves or pray for others as well”.

I said, “Sure we pray for others too”. But after that, he asked me, “In every single prayer of them? No, I think not all of them do it. See, they always ask God about every single thing they need, but they forgot to ask the same thing for others”.

I just kept silent. And then, he uttered, “Did you ever say ‘God, please let me pass the job interview so that I can earn more money by myself’ in your pray?”

I nodded. Right after that, he continued his saying, “Did you also say ‘And let the others pass the job interview too” after it?”

I thought for a while and nodded again saying, “Not always, but I did it for people who struggle extremely harder than me”.

He nodded and said, “I actually love seeing Moslems pray for others in their religious occasions. For sure!”.
I do believe if you were me, you would ask him, “Why don’t you be a Moslem then?”

But no man, I didn’t do it. I think that talking about religion with such people sometimes will make you break a friendship with them. If you want to make such people to be a religious people, you can’t ask it directly. You should learn why they chose their way at first. Therefore, I just nodded, as mostly Asian do when they understand or agree with others’ thought. Even I actually only agree with his last thought anyway :p

Well, I’m not going to tell you guys about him further. What I want to share to you is, why don’t we as religion people put little time to pray for others instead of just talk if we want to help them. If we can’t give our help directly by our action, we could just pray for them.

Moreover, it’s common for us to say, “Doain ya! or pray me!” to our friends, right? Do you think they will exactly pray for you? And if they were you, would you pray for them in turn? Think it, guys! I bet some of you didn’t pray for them although you said “Of course! Good luck!” to them. Am I right? :p

Well, at last, have you pray for others today? I realized it’s only you and God who really know the real answer, but let’s be honest to yourself!

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